void CxImage::AlphaClear ()
bool CxImage::AlphaCreate ()
void CxImage::AlphaDelete ()
void CxImage::AlphaInvert ()
bool CxImage::AlphaMirror ()
bool CxImage::AlphaFlip ()
bool CxImage::AlphaCopy (CxImage &from)
bool CxImage::AlphaSplit (CxImage *dest)
void CxImage::AlphaStrip ()
void CxImage::AlphaSet (uint8_t level)
bool CxImage::AlphaSet (CxImage &from)
void CxImage::AlphaSet (const int32_t x, const int32_t y, const uint8_t level)
uint8_t CxImage::AlphaGet (const int32_t x, const int32_t y)
uint8_t CxImage::AlphaGetMax () const
void CxImage::AlphaSetMax (uint8_t nAlphaMax)
bool CxImage::AlphaIsValid ()
uint8_t * CxImage::AlphaGetPointer (const int32_t x=0, const int32_t y=0)
bool CxImage::AlphaFromTransparency ()
void CxImage::AlphaPaletteClear ()
void CxImage::AlphaPaletteEnable (bool enable=true)
bool CxImage::AlphaPaletteIsEnabled ()
bool CxImage::AlphaPaletteIsValid ()
bool CxImage::AlphaPaletteSplit (CxImage *dest)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

void CxImage::AlphaClear (  )  [inherited]

Sets the alpha channel to full transparent. AlphaSet(0) has the same effect

bool CxImage::AlphaCopy ( CxImage from  )  [inherited]

Imports an existing alpa channel from another image with the same width and height.

bool CxImage::AlphaCreate (  )  [inherited]

Allocates an empty (opaque) alpha channel.

void CxImage::AlphaDelete (  )  [inherited]

bool CxImage::AlphaFlip (  )  [inherited]

bool CxImage::AlphaFromTransparency (  )  [inherited]

Merge in the alpha layer the transparent color mask (previously set with SetTransColor or SetTransIndex)

uint8_t CxImage::AlphaGet ( const int32_t  x,
const int32_t  y 
) [inherited]

Gets the alpha level for a single pixel

uint8_t CxImage::AlphaGetMax (  )  const [inherited]

See also:

uint8_t * CxImage::AlphaGetPointer ( const int32_t  x = 0,
const int32_t  y = 0 
) [inherited]

Returns pointer to alpha data for pixel (x,y).

***bd*** 2.2004

void CxImage::AlphaInvert (  )  [inherited]

bool CxImage::AlphaIsValid (  )  [inherited]

Checks if the image has a valid alpha channel.

bool CxImage::AlphaMirror (  )  [inherited]

void CxImage::AlphaPaletteClear (  )  [inherited]

Resets the alpha palette

void CxImage::AlphaPaletteEnable ( bool  enable = true  )  [inherited]

Enables the alpha palette, so the Draw() function changes its behavior.

bool CxImage::AlphaPaletteIsEnabled (  )  [inherited]

True if the alpha palette is enabled for painting.

bool CxImage::AlphaPaletteIsValid (  )  [inherited]

Checks if the image has a valid alpha palette.

bool CxImage::AlphaPaletteSplit ( CxImage dest  )  [inherited]

Exports the alpha palette channel in a 8bpp grayscale image.

void CxImage::AlphaSet ( const int32_t  x,
const int32_t  y,
const uint8_t  level 
) [inherited]

Sets the alpha level for a single pixel

bool CxImage::AlphaSet ( CxImage from  )  [inherited]

Creates the alpha channel from a gray scale image.

void CxImage::AlphaSet ( uint8_t  level  )  [inherited]

Sets the alpha level for the whole image.

level : from 0 (transparent) to 255 (opaque)

void CxImage::AlphaSetMax ( uint8_t  nAlphaMax  )  [inherited]

Sets global Alpha (opacity) value applied to the whole image, valid only for painting functions.

nAlphaMax,: can be from 0 to 255

bool CxImage::AlphaSplit ( CxImage dest  )  [inherited]

Exports the alpha channel in a 8bpp grayscale image.

void CxImage::AlphaStrip (  )  [inherited]

Blends the alpha channel and the alpha palette with the pixels. The result is a 24 bit image. The background color can be selected using SetTransColor().

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