int32_t CxImage::GetSize ()
uint8_t * CxImage::GetBits (uint32_t row=0)
uint8_t CxImage::GetColorType ()
void * CxImage::GetDIB () const
uint32_t CxImage::GetHeight () const
uint32_t CxImage::GetWidth () const
uint32_t CxImage::GetEffWidth () const
uint32_t CxImage::GetNumColors () const
uint16_t CxImage::GetBpp () const
uint32_t CxImage::GetType () const
const char * CxImage::GetLastError ()
static const TCHAR * CxImage::GetVersion ()
static const float CxImage::GetVersionNumber ()
uint32_t CxImage::GetFrameDelay () const
void CxImage::SetFrameDelay (uint32_t d)
void CxImage::GetOffset (int32_t *x, int32_t *y)
void CxImage::SetOffset (int32_t x, int32_t y)
uint8_t CxImage::GetJpegQuality () const
void CxImage::SetJpegQuality (uint8_t q)
float CxImage::GetJpegQualityF () const
void CxImage::SetJpegQualityF (float q)
uint8_t CxImage::GetJpegScale () const
void CxImage::SetJpegScale (uint8_t q)
EXIFINFOCxImage::GetExifInfo ()
bool CxImage::GetExifThumbnail (const TCHAR *filename, const TCHAR *outname, int32_t imageType)
bool CxImage::RotateExif (int32_t orientation=0)
int32_t CxImage::GetXDPI () const
int32_t CxImage::GetYDPI () const
void CxImage::SetXDPI (int32_t dpi)
void CxImage::SetYDPI (int32_t dpi)
uint32_t CxImage::GetClrImportant () const
void CxImage::SetClrImportant (uint32_t ncolors=0)
int32_t CxImage::GetProgress () const
int32_t CxImage::GetEscape () const
void CxImage::SetProgress (int32_t p)
void CxImage::SetEscape (int32_t i)
int32_t CxImage::GetTransIndex () const
RGBQUAD CxImage::GetTransColor ()
void CxImage::SetTransIndex (int32_t idx)
void CxImage::SetTransColor (RGBQUAD rgb)
bool CxImage::IsTransparent () const
uint32_t CxImage::GetCodecOption (uint32_t imagetype=0)
bool CxImage::SetCodecOption (uint32_t opt, uint32_t imagetype=0)
uint32_t CxImage::GetFlags () const
void CxImage::SetFlags (uint32_t flags, bool bLockReservedFlags=true)
uint8_t CxImage::GetDisposalMethod () const
void CxImage::SetDisposalMethod (uint8_t dm)
bool CxImage::SetType (uint32_t type)
static uint32_t CxImage::GetNumTypes ()
static uint32_t CxImage::GetTypeIdFromName (const TCHAR *ext)
static uint32_t CxImage::GetTypeIdFromIndex (const uint32_t index)
static uint32_t CxImage::GetTypeIndexFromId (const uint32_t id)
bool CxImage::GetRetreiveAllFrames () const
void CxImage::SetRetreiveAllFrames (bool flag)
CxImageCxImage::GetFrame (int32_t nFrame) const
bool CxImage::IsValid () const
bool CxImage::IsEnabled () const
void CxImage::Enable (bool enable=true)
int32_t CxImage::GetNumFrames () const
int32_t CxImage::GetFrame () const
void CxImage::SetFrame (int32_t nFrame)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

void CxImage::Enable ( bool  enable = true  )  [inherited]

Enables/disables the image.

uint8_t * CxImage::GetBits ( uint32_t  row = 0  )  [inherited]

pointer to the image pixels. USE CAREFULLY

uint16_t CxImage::GetBpp (  )  const [inherited]

: 1, 4, 8, 24.

uint32_t CxImage::GetClrImportant (  )  const [inherited]

See also:

uint32_t CxImage::GetCodecOption ( uint32_t  imagetype = 0  )  [inherited]

See also:

uint8_t CxImage::GetColorType (  )  [inherited]

1 = indexed, 2 = RGB, 4 = RGBA

void * CxImage::GetDIB (  )  const [inherited]

internal hDib object..

uint8_t CxImage::GetDisposalMethod (  )  const [inherited]

Gets the method for drawing the frame related to others Values : 0 - No disposal specified. The decoder is not required to take any action. 1 - Do not dispose. The graphic is to be left in place. 2 - Restore to background color. The area used by the graphic must be restored to the background color. 3 - Restore to previous. The decoder is required to restore the area overwritten by the graphic with what was there prior to rendering the graphic. 4-7 - To be defined.

uint32_t CxImage::GetEffWidth (  )  const [inherited]

uint32_t aligned width of the image.

int32_t CxImage::GetEscape (  )  const [inherited]

the escape code.
See also:

EXIFINFO* CxImage::GetExifInfo (  )  [inline, inherited]

bool CxImage::GetExifThumbnail ( const TCHAR *  filename,
const TCHAR *  outname,
int32_t  imageType 
) [inherited]

uint32_t CxImage::GetFlags (  )  const [inherited]

See also:

int32_t CxImage::GetFrame (  )  const [inherited]

the current selected image (zero-based index).

CxImage * CxImage::GetFrame ( int32_t  nFrame  )  const [inherited]

uint32_t CxImage::GetFrameDelay (  )  const [inherited]

current frame delay in milliseconds. Only for GIF and MNG formats.

uint32_t CxImage::GetHeight (  )  const [inherited]

uint8_t CxImage::GetJpegQuality (  )  const [inherited]

See also:
SetJpegQuality, GetJpegQualityF
[DP]; changes [Stefan Schürmans]

float CxImage::GetJpegQualityF (  )  const [inherited]

See also:
SetJpegQuality, GetJpegQuality
[Stefan Schürmans]

uint8_t CxImage::GetJpegScale (  )  const [inherited]

See also:

const char * CxImage::GetLastError (  )  [inherited]

Returns the last reported error.

uint32_t CxImage::GetNumColors (  )  const [inherited]

2, 16, 256; 0 for RGB images.

int32_t CxImage::GetNumFrames (  )  const [inherited]

This function must be used after a Decode() / Load() call. Use the sequence SetFrame(-1); Load(...); GetNumFrames(); to get the number of images without loading the first image.

the number of images in the file.

uint32_t CxImage::GetNumTypes (  )  [static, inherited]

void CxImage::GetOffset ( int32_t *  x,
int32_t *  y 
) [inherited]

int32_t CxImage::GetProgress (  )  const [inherited]

Used to monitor the slow loops.

value is from 0 to 100.
See also:

bool CxImage::GetRetreiveAllFrames (  )  const [inherited]

int32_t CxImage::GetSize (  )  [inherited]

the size in bytes of the internal pDib object

RGBQUAD CxImage::GetTransColor (  )  [inherited]

the color used for transparency, and/or for background color

int32_t CxImage::GetTransIndex (  )  const [inherited]

Gets the index used for transparency. Returns -1 for no transparancy.

uint32_t CxImage::GetType (  )  const [inherited]

original image format
See also:

uint32_t CxImage::GetTypeIdFromIndex ( const uint32_t  index  )  [static, inherited]

uint32_t CxImage::GetTypeIdFromName ( const TCHAR *  ext  )  [static, inherited]

uint32_t CxImage::GetTypeIndexFromId ( const uint32_t  id  )  [static, inherited]

const TCHAR * CxImage::GetVersion (  )  [static, inherited]

const float CxImage::GetVersionNumber (  )  [static, inherited]

  • A = main version
  • BB = main revision
  • CCC = minor revision (letter)
  • DDDD = experimental revision

uint32_t CxImage::GetWidth (  )  const [inherited]

int32_t CxImage::GetXDPI (  )  const [inherited]

Resolution for TIFF, JPEG, PNG and BMP formats.

int32_t CxImage::GetYDPI (  )  const [inherited]

Resolution for TIFF, JPEG, PNG and BMP formats.

bool CxImage::IsEnabled (  )  const [inherited]

True if the image is enabled for painting.

bool CxImage::IsTransparent (  )  const [inherited]

bool CxImage::IsValid (  )  const [inherited]

Checks if the image is correctly initializated.

bool CxImage::RotateExif ( int32_t  orientation = 0  )  [inherited]

void CxImage::SetClrImportant ( uint32_t  ncolors = 0  )  [inherited]

sets the maximum number of colors that some functions like DecreaseBpp() or GetNearestIndex() will use on indexed images

ncolors should be less than 2^bpp, or 0 if all the colors are important.

bool CxImage::SetCodecOption ( uint32_t  opt,
uint32_t  imagetype = 0 
) [inherited]

Encode option for GIF, TIF, JPG, PNG and RAW

true if everything is ok

void CxImage::SetDisposalMethod ( uint8_t  dm  )  [inherited]

Sets the method for drawing the frame related to others

See also:

void CxImage::SetEscape ( int32_t  i  )  [inherited]

Used to quit the slow loops or the codecs.

void CxImage::SetFlags ( uint32_t  flags,
bool  bLockReservedFlags = true 
) [inherited]

Image flags, for future use

  • 0x??00000 = reserved for 16 bit, CMYK, multilayer
  • 0x00??0000 = blend modes
  • 0x0000???? = layer id or user flags
bLockReservedFlags protects the "reserved" and "blend modes" flags

void CxImage::SetFrame ( int32_t  nFrame  )  [inherited]

Sets the image number that the next Decode() / Load() call will load

void CxImage::SetFrameDelay ( uint32_t  d  )  [inherited]

Sets current frame delay. Only for GIF format.

d = delay in milliseconds

void CxImage::SetJpegQuality ( uint8_t  q  )  [inherited]

quality level for JPEG and JPEG2000

q,: can be from 0 to 100
[DP]; changes [Stefan Schürmans]

void CxImage::SetJpegQualityF ( float  q  )  [inherited]

quality level for JPEG and JPEG2000 necessary for JPEG2000 when quality is between 0.0 and 1.0

q,: can be from 0.0 to 100.0
[Stefan Schürmans]

void CxImage::SetJpegScale ( uint8_t  q  )  [inherited]

scaling down during JPEG decoding valid numbers are 1, 2, 4, 8


void CxImage::SetOffset ( int32_t  x,
int32_t  y 
) [inherited]

void CxImage::SetProgress ( int32_t  p  )  [inherited]

Forces the value of the internal progress variable.

p should be from 0 to 100.
See also:

void CxImage::SetRetreiveAllFrames ( bool  flag  )  [inherited]

void CxImage::SetTransColor ( RGBQUAD  rgb  )  [inherited]

Sets the color used for transparency with 24 bpp images. You must call SetTransIndex(0) to enable the effect, SetTransIndex(-1) to disable it.

void CxImage::SetTransIndex ( int32_t  idx  )  [inherited]

Sets the index used for transparency with 1, 4 and 8 bpp images. Set to -1 to remove the effect.

bool CxImage::SetType ( uint32_t  type  )  [inherited]

change image format identifier

See also:

void CxImage::SetXDPI ( int32_t  dpi  )  [inherited]

Set resolution for TIFF, JPEG, PNG and BMP formats.

void CxImage::SetYDPI ( int32_t  dpi  )  [inherited]

Set resolution for TIFF, JPEG, PNG and BMP formats.

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