bool CxImage::IsGrayScale ()
bool CxImage::IsIndexed () const
bool CxImage::IsSamePalette (CxImage &img, bool bCheckAlpha=true)
uint32_t CxImage::GetPaletteSize ()
RGBQUAD * CxImage::GetPalette () const
RGBQUAD CxImage::GetPaletteColor (uint8_t idx)
bool CxImage::GetPaletteColor (uint8_t i, uint8_t *r, uint8_t *g, uint8_t *b)
uint8_t CxImage::GetNearestIndex (RGBQUAD c)
void CxImage::BlendPalette (COLORREF cr, int32_t perc)
void CxImage::SetGrayPalette ()
void CxImage::SetPalette (uint32_t n, uint8_t *r, uint8_t *g, uint8_t *b)
void CxImage::SetPalette (RGBQUAD *pPal, uint32_t nColors=256)
void CxImage::SetPalette (rgb_color *rgb, uint32_t nColors=256)
void CxImage::SetPaletteColor (uint8_t idx, uint8_t r, uint8_t g, uint8_t b, uint8_t alpha=0)
void CxImage::SetPaletteColor (uint8_t idx, RGBQUAD c)
void CxImage::SetPaletteColor (uint8_t idx, COLORREF cr)
void CxImage::SwapIndex (uint8_t idx1, uint8_t idx2)
void CxImage::SwapRGB2BGR ()
void CxImage::SetStdPalette ()

Detailed Description

These functions have no effects on RGB images and in this case the returned value is always 0.

Function Documentation

void CxImage::BlendPalette ( COLORREF  cr,
int32_t  perc 
) [inherited]

Colorize the palette.

See also:

uint8_t CxImage::GetNearestIndex ( RGBQUAD  c  )  [inherited]

Returns the best palette index that matches a specified color.

RGBQUAD * CxImage::GetPalette (  )  const [inherited]

returns the pointer to the first palette index

bool CxImage::GetPaletteColor ( uint8_t  i,
uint8_t *  r,
uint8_t *  g,
uint8_t *  b 
) [inherited]

Returns the color of the specified index.

i = palette index
r,g,b = output color channels

RGBQUAD CxImage::GetPaletteColor ( uint8_t  idx  )  [inherited]

Returns the color of the specified index.

uint32_t CxImage::GetPaletteSize (  )  [inherited]

returns the palette dimension in byte

bool CxImage::IsGrayScale (  )  [inherited]

Returns true if the image has 256 colors and a linear grey scale palette.

bool CxImage::IsIndexed (  )  const [inherited]

Returns true if the image has 256 colors or less.

bool CxImage::IsSamePalette ( CxImage img,
bool  bCheckAlpha = true 
) [inherited]

Checks if image has the same palette, if any.

img = image to compare.
bCheckAlpha = check also the rgbReserved field.

void CxImage::SetGrayPalette (  )  [inherited]

Sets (or replaces) the palette to gray scale palette. The function doesn't change the pixels; for standard gray scale conversion use GrayScale().

void CxImage::SetPalette ( rgb_color rgb,
uint32_t  nColors = 256 
) [inherited]

void CxImage::SetPalette ( RGBQUAD *  pPal,
uint32_t  nColors = 256 
) [inherited]

void CxImage::SetPalette ( uint32_t  n,
uint8_t *  r,
uint8_t *  g,
uint8_t *  b 
) [inherited]

void CxImage::SetPaletteColor ( uint8_t  idx,
) [inherited]

void CxImage::SetPaletteColor ( uint8_t  idx,
) [inherited]

void CxImage::SetPaletteColor ( uint8_t  idx,
uint8_t  r,
uint8_t  g,
uint8_t  b,
uint8_t  alpha = 0 
) [inherited]

void CxImage::SetStdPalette (  )  [inherited]

Sets a palette with standard colors for 1, 4 and 8 bpp images.

void CxImage::SwapIndex ( uint8_t  idx1,
uint8_t  idx2 
) [inherited]

swap two indexes in the image and their colors in the palette

void CxImage::SwapRGB2BGR (  )  [inherited]

swap Red and Blue colors

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