bool CxImage::SelectionIsValid ()
bool CxImage::SelectionClear (uint8_t level=0)
bool CxImage::SelectionCreate ()
bool CxImage::SelectionDelete ()
bool CxImage::SelectionInvert ()
bool CxImage::SelectionMirror ()
bool CxImage::SelectionFlip ()
bool CxImage::SelectionAddRect (RECT r, uint8_t level=255)
bool CxImage::SelectionAddEllipse (RECT r, uint8_t level=255)
bool CxImage::SelectionAddPolygon (POINT *points, int32_t npoints, uint8_t level=255)
bool CxImage::SelectionAddColor (RGBQUAD c, uint8_t level=255)
bool CxImage::SelectionAddPixel (int32_t x, int32_t y, uint8_t level=255)
bool CxImage::SelectionCopy (CxImage &from)
bool CxImage::SelectionIsInside (int32_t x, int32_t y)
void CxImage::SelectionGetBox (RECT &r)
bool CxImage::SelectionToHRGN (HRGN &region)
bool CxImage::SelectionSplit (CxImage *dest)
uint8_t CxImage::SelectionGet (const int32_t x, const int32_t y)
bool CxImage::SelectionSet (CxImage &from)
void CxImage::SelectionRebuildBox ()
uint8_t * CxImage::SelectionGetPointer (const int32_t x=0, const int32_t y=0)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

bool CxImage::SelectionAddColor ( RGBQUAD  c,
uint8_t  level = 255 
) [inherited]

Adds to the selection all the pixels matching the specified color.

bool CxImage::SelectionAddEllipse ( RECT  r,
uint8_t  level = 255 
) [inherited]

Adds an ellipse to the existing selection.

bool CxImage::SelectionAddPixel ( int32_t  x,
int32_t  y,
uint8_t  level = 255 
) [inherited]

Adds a single pixel to the existing selection.

bool CxImage::SelectionAddPolygon ( POINT *  points,
int32_t  npoints,
uint8_t  level = 255 
) [inherited]

Adds a polygonal region to the existing selection. points points to an array of POINT structures. Each structure specifies the x-coordinate and y-coordinate of one vertex of the polygon. npoints specifies the number of POINT structures in the array pointed to by points.

bool CxImage::SelectionAddRect ( RECT  r,
uint8_t  level = 255 
) [inherited]

Adds a rectangle to the existing selection.

bool CxImage::SelectionClear ( uint8_t  level = 0  )  [inherited]

Empties the selection.

bool CxImage::SelectionCopy ( CxImage from  )  [inherited]

Imports an existing region from another image with the same width and height.

bool CxImage::SelectionCreate (  )  [inherited]

Allocates an empty selection.

bool CxImage::SelectionDelete (  )  [inherited]

Deallocates the selction.

bool CxImage::SelectionFlip (  )  [inherited]

uint8_t CxImage::SelectionGet ( const int32_t  x,
const int32_t  y 
) [inherited]

Gets the Selection level for a single pixel

void CxImage::SelectionGetBox ( RECT &  r  )  [inherited]

Gets the smallest rectangle that contains the selection

uint8_t * CxImage::SelectionGetPointer ( const int32_t  x = 0,
const int32_t  y = 0 
) [inherited]

Returns pointer to selection data for pixel (x,y).

bool CxImage::SelectionInvert (  )  [inherited]

Inverts the selection. Note: the SelectionBox is set to "full image", call SelectionGetBox before (if necessary)

bool CxImage::SelectionIsInside ( int32_t  x,
int32_t  y 
) [inherited]

Checks if the coordinates are inside the selection.

bool CxImage::SelectionIsValid (  )  [inherited]

Checks if the image has a valid selection.

bool CxImage::SelectionMirror (  )  [inherited]

void CxImage::SelectionRebuildBox (  )  [inherited]

Rebuilds the SelectionBox

bool CxImage::SelectionSet ( CxImage from  )  [inherited]

Creates the selection channel from a gray scale image. black = unselected

bool CxImage::SelectionSplit ( CxImage dest  )  [inherited]

Exports the selection channel in a 8bpp grayscale image.

bool CxImage::SelectionToHRGN ( HRGN &  region  )  [inherited]

Converts the selection in a HRGN object.

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